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Catrina and Armando: publication of Caminos y Senderos Books
Humingbird Hill Ranch: publication of Caminos y Senderos Books

Hummingbird Hill Ranch: First edition 2015;

Paperback: 325 pages; Kindle edition: available now;

Description: The book is a collection of true, often humorous stories experienced by adventurous grandparents who left their comfortable city life in Canada and went ranching in Mexico. The stories cover the span of one year, organized month by month. The book also includes a generous portion of Mexican and Aztec history and mythology, in addition to the stories about day-to-day dealings with local friends, neighbors, and with ranch animals, some of whom become interesting characters.

Catrina and Armando: First edition 2016;

Paperback: 242 pages; Kindle Edition: available Dec. 15, 2016;

Description: We plunge into the whirlpool of mystical stories set in the year 1850, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. On the night of November 1, our protagonist Armando has a formidable adversary: Catrina, Death herself. Armando's challenge is to write three stories, to which Catrina provides the setup. He has to write them in such a way, that the human characters defeat Death at her own game. If Armando succeeds, he is free to go; if he fails, he forfeits his soul to Catrina.

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